Asbestos Survey

We are experts in identifying asbestos and pride ourselves on our user-friendly, easy to understand asbestos surveys and asbestos reports.

Comprehensive Asbestos Reports

A common misunderstanding is that an Asbestos surveyor will recommend removal of all asbestos found after carrying out an asbestos survey. All of our asbestos risk assessment and asbestos testing is carried out following the guidelines set out in HSG264, where a simple calculation is used to arrive at the action you need to take regarding your asbestos.

Asbestos Identification

Identifying where the problem lies is the first step toward solving it. Asbestos removal will always be the worst-case scenario, we will only recommend removal if there is no other solution.

One of these solutions is encapsulation, where we can effectively contain the asbestos using a coating specifically formulated to seal loose fibres and stabilise dirty and dusty surfaces.

Asbestos Sampling

Testing for asbestos can involve sampling the air, surfaces or both to determine if asbestos fibers are present.

Any areas of concern can be tested for its presence.

A complete report of findings is produced and includes laboratory results combined with the on-site analysis and any equipment readings taken by a UKAS accredited inspector.