We ensure that all asbestos removal work is carried out to the highest specification which complies with all relevant health and safety standards.


The purpose of an asbestos survey is to assist in the management of the asbestos contained in the duty holder’s premises.


We offer an affordable collection of Asbestos service within a 50-mile radius of our HQ, all asbestos types collected.


Asbestos encapsulation is better for the environment. It is also a safer choice for when the asbestos in your building may be difficult to access.

Helping you with your duty to manage

There is a duty under the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 to manage the asbestos in your non-domestic premises. This requires duty holders to:

  • Assess whether premises contain asbestos
  • Assess the risk from asbestos
  • Take action to manage the risk from asbestos

NRG Environmental will identify your requirements to comply with Regulation 4 (‘The Duty to Manage’) of the CAR, which states that if you own, occupy, manage or have responsibility for a property which may contain asbestos, then you have a legal duty to manage the risk or to co-operate with the person who manages that risk.